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The Department of labor is looking for qualified trainers. Please submit your proposal to the

Department of labor. For more information click on

www.viwib.org/partners/providers.htm or call the Workforce

Investment Board @ 340-773-5237  for more information.


It is time for the Virgin Islands Career Network  (VICAN) Workshops!

Here are some of the workshops that will be offered:  See Calendar for the date, time and place... See you there!      

Business Etiquette: Entry Level

Understand the importance of making a good first impression. Learn how you make that first impression and how to be groomed and appropriately dressed on the job.

Positive Attitude & Motivation

Learn what attitude is and the benefit of having a good attitude at work. Identify factors that may influence your motivation and attitude at work. Maintain a positive attitude at work to create a motivating atmosphere.

Conducting a Job Search

Launch your job search and plan a strategy for success. Identify personal interests and priorities related to finding the best job for you. Learn how to assess your knowledge, skills, and abilities for finding an appropriate job. Gain an understanding of the many resources available when looking for a job.

Interviewing for a New Job

Properly plan for an interview through research, practice, and preparedness. Learn how to dress and what to expect in interview.  

Resume Assistance

Need a resume? Get help to create and format a basic resume. Learn how to make your current resume competitive.

Behavior in the Workplace

Learn some of the things that help us succeed at work. Demonstrate habits that show appropriate workplace behavior.

Solving Problems at Work

Learn how to resolve workplace conflicts and evaluate problematic situations that you might find yourself in.

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