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Programs and Services

Staff-Provided Services

Services for Individuals

Services for Employers

Staff-Provided Services [Top]

One Stop Centers are a statewide network of conveniently located centers that each provide employment, education, and training services to both individuals and employers, all in one place. These centers include programs such as Unemployment Insurance, Job Services, Vocational Education, Vocational Rehabilitation, and Youth services through a partnership with local, state and national organizations.

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Services for Individuals [Top]

The services available at each One Stop Center are designed to meet the requirements of the Workforce Investment Act (WIA). Most One-Stop Centers provide tiers of services: core services, intensive services, and training services. Your One Stop may provide one or all of these tiers, depending on the local design and the partners involved in the center.

CORE SERVICES: These services include job search and placement assistance (including career counseling); labor market information; initial assessment of skills and needs; information about available services; and follow-up services for those who have been placed in jobs.Core services also include self-access and informational services that may be available in resource rooms or online, including:
  • Self-access assessment and career planning tools � Including interest and skill inventories, informational videos on career choices, and software to help write resumes.
  • Labor market information � Including unemployment rates and projected employment trends within the area, state and nationally; current and projected wages for specific occupational fields; and listings of employers in specific industries.
  • Job listings � either computerized or on paper.
  • Electronic resume banks � Where you can post your resume for viewing by employers.
  • Information about education and training providers � Including libraries that contain brochures, course catalogues and applications for educational institutions in your area. Many centers also provide information about institutions that provide training for specific careers.
  • Tutorial programs � Including computer-based instruction in skills such as typing, or using computer software programs.
  • Office support products and services � Such as telephones, copiers, fax machines, word processors and printers, enabling users to respond immediately to job leads they find when accessing other center services.

INTENSIVE SERVICES: Intensive services are similar to core services, but more specialized. These services may include:

  • Comprehensive assessment
  • Individual counseling and career planning
  • Case management
  • Group career workshops
  • Follow-up services
Generally, you will only be eligible for intensive services if you cannot find work using core services alone. However, some people will be allowed to access intensive services directly if they have been determined by their One Stop to be in need of more specialized services in order to find - or keep - a job.

TRAINING SERVICES: You may receive training services only if you are eligible for intensive services and either demonstrate or are assessed as being unable to find or retain a job through intensive services alone. If you are eligible for training services, you will be given access to an Individual Training Account (ITA) once you create a training plan and have it approved. You can then choose from a statewide list of eligible institutions that provide the training you require.The training services offered by the One Stop Center may include:

  • Basic skills training (including GED preparation)
  • Occupational skills training
  • On-the-job training
  • Customized training
  • Combined workplace and classroom training
  • Skills upgrading and retraining
  • Entrepreneurial training
  • Readiness training
One Stop Centers may also have specialized services for veterans and youth ages 16 to 24.

Services for Employers [Top]

One Stop Centers provide numerous services to employers to help them maximize their businesses. Employers can utilize the centers to access the following services:

  • Employee recruitment and screening
  • Posting job openings on local, state and national websites
  • Receiving and forwarding applicant resumes
  • Prescreening and referral of qualified job seekers
  • Tax credit information
  • Labor market information
  • Labor law compliance information
  • Additional resources on issues that affect employers
Intensive employer services may also be provided, including job profiling, individual recruitment plans, group and individual counseling, skill assessment and occupational profiling, and employer seminars.Business services staff in the One Stop Center also provide on-site information and assistance to employers that are downsizing and to their affected employees.Employers who are projecting layoffs of 50 or more workers are eligible for assistance from the One Stop Centers through the Rapid Response program. Services targeted at affected workers can include career counseling, assisted job search, career seminars and career clubs, and referrals to Unemployment Insurance resources.
  1. Unemployment Insurance

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