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April 28, 2016
Labor Commissioner Catherine A. Hendry, Esq., is pleased to announce that the 2015 Occupational Employment Statistics (OES) data set has been published. The OES program produces employment and wage estimates for occupations in the Virgin Islands. Occupational employment data are used to develop information regarding current and projected employment needs and job opportunities. This information is used in the production of State education and workforce development plans. These data enable the analysis of the occupational composition of different industries, and the comparison of occupational composition across States and local areas, including analysis for economic development purposes. OES employment estimates also are used as job placement aids by helping to identify industries that employ the skills gained by enrollees in career-technical training programs. In addition, OES survey data serve as primary inputs into occupational information systems designed for those who are exploring career opportunities or assisting others in career decision making. In 2015, the average hourly wage was $16.85 and the annual mean salary was $35,050. At the percentile wage estimates (the value or boundary of a wage below which a certain percent of workers fall), the annual average wage (50 percentile) was $27,750 and the average hourly wage $13.34. Occupations that marked the highest employment count in the survey were office and administrative with an annual average salary $27,050, sales related occupations $20,740, and food preparation at $19,960 respectively. Additional infomation can be found HERE.
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