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The Virgin Islands Division of Occupational Safety and Health (VIDOSH) ensures that Virgin Islands Public Sector employers/employees are provided with safe and healthful work environment free from recognized hazards. 


The VIDOSH Program is structured around three basic functions, set by OSHA rules, regulations and standards which include Enforcement Inspection, Consultation, and Education/Outreach and     Training.


VIDOSH's office can be contacted for publications, posters, and other OSHA Compliance Assistance documents.  These and other resources can be directly obtained from OSHA's main website.





VIDOSH Adopted Federal Standards and Federal Program Changes (FPCs)

This page serves as notification of adopted applicable federal OSHA rules and regulations to state and local government agencies within the Virgin Islands Occupational Safety and Health’s (VIDOSH) jurisdiction as required in statutes 24 V.I.C. Chapter 2 Section 36(a)(2) and 36(c)(1)(B), and VIDOSH’s duties to promulgate to the public for notice of the rules’ existence and the commissioner's intent to enforce the rule.

  • VIDOSH Adopted Federal Standards and Federal Program Changes (FPCs)
  • Archives

    1. Aisles

    2. Cargo Tiedown

    3. Excavations

    4. Ventilation

    5. Hand And Portable Powered Tools

    6. Heat Stress

    7. Hepatitis B (HBV)

    8. Indoor Air Qualitys

    9. OSHA Inspection Procedures.

    10. OSHA Inspection

    11. Printing Industry

    12. Respiratory Protection

    External Links
    1. Occupational Safety and Health Administration-OSHA

    2. Bureau of Labor and Statistics-BLS

    3. Material Safety Data Sheets -MSDS

    4. OSHA Complaint Form

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